A WELL loved Bolton cafe has lit up the town centre with an incredible selection of festive lights.

Station Café owner Jaegar O’Shea hopes to spread Christmas cheer after decorating the shop ahead of the festive season.

The café, opposite the train station, has put up a range of decorations and lights in hope to boost trade and spirit in the town ahead of winter.

Ms O’Shea, 27 who has owned the shop since it opened last year, said: “We’ve had a really bad couple years with Covid and stuff so it’s just nice to be able to get into the Christmas spirit again.

“I think we all need a bit of cheer this year, as everyone seems a bit down and are not looking forward to Christmas.

“Hopefully it will bring good vibes even for the people walking past and we’ve definitely made it, so people can notice us from afar.

“It’s good to get us some advertisement and hopefully a bit of a wow factor, and it’s good to cheer everyone up in the process.”

Ms O’Shea runs the café along with her partner Jason, and she says it’s their two-year old daughter who inspired them to get the decorations out.

Messenger Newspapers:

Station Cafe owner Jaeger O'Shea

She said: “I’ve got a little girl and mainly all this is for her, but then my partner just got carried away with it all!

“He said nobody where we live appreciates the lights where we live, so we should put them all in here.”

All of the interior lights and decorations have already been put up in the cafe, with the outdoor lights to be switched on next week.

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A selection of the cafe's Christmas decorations

The café currently only opens until 2pm in the week, 3pm on Saturdays, but Ms O’Shea plans to extend these hours so that the Bolton public can see the lights when she is open.

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More of the Station Cafe's decorations

A new dinner menu will also be in operation over December, with festive meals to be served alongside The Station’s traditional menu.