THIS shocking video shows a thrill-seeking teenage YouTuber lift surfing in a tower block in Stretford.

The video, which was posted on Monday, is by RYEGI – an anonymous 19-year-old who has 'a life-long interest in lifts'.

In it, RYEGI is seen to take the lift at Circle Court tower block on Barton Road up to the fifteenth floor.

He then uses a tool to get on top of the lift, before 'surfing' it back down.

He does this multiple times and, at various points in the video, voices can be heard of residents getting on and off the lift.

Messenger Newspapers: A screenshot from RYEGI's video.A screenshot from RYEGI's video.

Speaking to The Messenger, RYEGI explained the reasons for his hobby.

He said: "I started lift surfing because I have a life-long interest in lifts.

"I enjoy seeing behind the scenes of areas of lifts such as the machinery.

"Nowadays, I also like the thrills of lift surfing."

Messenger Newspapers: Circle Court tower block in Stretford.Circle Court tower block in Stretford.

RYEGI has been lift surfing since he was 15, and he has posted around 20 other videos from Preston, Lancaster, Liverpool and London to almost 300 subscribers.

He mentions a trip to London as a highlight, when he lift surfed at Canary Wharf's 75-floor Landmark Pinnacle skyscraper – one of the capital's tallest buildings.

Asked if he acknowledged what he does is dangerous, RYEGI said he did.

He said: "I agree with people who say lift surfing can be very dangerous.

"I advise people not to copy what I do, as those who do so risk death or serious injury if they're not being safe.

"However, because I have a life-long interest in lifts, I have learnt how to manage these dangers in a safe way."