A TRAFFORD councillor told Conservatives who had travelled to Manchester for their conference to 'p*** off'.

It has emerged Cllr Jayne Dillon of Davyhulme East Ward at Trafford Council took to Twitter over the weekend.

The official Conservative Party account shared a tweet that said: "We’re on the way to Manchester. We’re getting on with the job. We’re delivering on the people’s priorities."

In response, Cllr Dillon tweeted two words: “P*** off.”

The comment received three likes and a retweet at the time of writing, but also some criticism.

Jonathan Coupe, who was a Conservative councillor in Trafford for 20 years, responded: “Lovely comment from an elected member of Trafford Council.”

However, another user, Pauline Preston tweeted: "The stench of hypocrisy is overwhelming. Considering some of the comments made by Johnson this is remarkably restrained."

Cllr Simon Thomas of Flixton Ward also commented: “Possibly better than lying about wages, UC benefit cuts, Brexit, £350 million on buses, trying to renege on an oven ready deal that was and is frozen still, ensuring all his chums are looked after, and hitting the less well paid in society with a NI rise which is a tax hike. I prefer honesty in my elected officials.”

When approached for comment, Cllr Dillon declined.

Her tweet is still visible online at the time of writing.