Ever wondered where would be the best UK city to be in if you were desperate to go

Well, look no further! Five cities in the North West have been revealed as being in the top 30 in the UK in terms of having the most public toilets in the area.

The data, published by Check My Body Health, ranked each city based on the highest number of people per toilet and pharmacy to give an overall score.

Messenger Newspapers: Credit: Check My Body Health Credit: Check My Body Health

Salford came highest in the North West at eighth, closely followed by Manchester and Preston, which came in at 12th and 18th respectively. 

At the bottom of the list placing 68th, with only three toilets per 10,000 people, was Lancaster. 

The top five cities in the UK for public toilets were St Asaph, St David's, Bangor, Chichester and Wells. 

Messenger Newspapers: St David is second on the list of the UK cities with the most public toilets. (Credit: Check My Body Health)St David is second on the list of the UK cities with the most public toilets. (Credit: Check My Body Health)

London, Aberdeen and Cardiff were the four loo-sing cities for toilet facilities, with more than 7,300 people per public toilet.

Sian Baker, Head of Wellbeing Services and Registered Nutritional Therapist at Check My Body Health said: “It’s brilliant to see some smaller, often overlooked cities such as St Davids, Chichester and Wells making it into the top ten, as well as some more popular city destinations such as Newcastle upon Tyne and Manchester.

"However, with some cities seeing the equivalent of thousands of people per public toilet, there is definitely plenty of room to improve our access to these facilities."

Which cities in the North West came out on top? 

8. Salford

248 public toilets

30.24% of these are accessible

12. Manchester

274 public toilets

28.47% of these are accessible 

18. Preston

60 public toilets

15% of these are accessible

27. Chester

39 public toilets

41.03% of these are accessible

24. Liverpool

153 public toilets

22.88% of these are accessible

Which are the top UK cities for public toilets?

  1. St Asaph
  2. St David's
  3. Bangor
  4. Chichester
  5. Wells
  6. Lichfield
  7. Truro
  8. Salford
  9. Stirling
  10. Armagh
  11. Newcastle upon Tyne
  12. Manchester
  13. Ripon
  14. St Albans
  15. Ely
  16. Bath
  17. Portsmouth
  18. Preston
  19. Newry
  20. Wolverhampton
  21. Salisbury
  22. Norwich
  23. Nottingham
  24. Liverpool
  25. Stoke-on-Trent
  26. Belfast
  27. Chester
  28. Durham
  29. Leicester
  30. Brighton & Hove