A WOMAN whose husband left her at size 20 and with a two-year-old daughter lost almost 10 stone in response – and she is now helping others to do the same.

Kim Atkinson, from Urmston, is taking over as a consultant for Slimming World at Humphrey Park Community Centre at the start of next month.

In her mid-20s, Kim ‘ballooned’ to almost 20 stone when her husband left soon after their wedding and she spent multiple weeks in hospital.

She said: “My dream came crashing down. My husband left me and my confidence was rock bottom – I wanted to hide away.

“I didn’t leave the house, I avoided socialising, I ate for comfort and I was severely depressed.

“I felt awful about myself and life.”

Despite her age, Kim’s health started to worsen. She developed asthma and chronic pain, to the point where it hurt to tie her shoelaces.

But when a friend recommended Slimming World, it was the start of a journey which saw her lose almost 10 stone and fit back back into size 10 jeans.

Even a second pregnancy after losing six stone did not derail her progress, and she has now kept the weight off for eight years.

She said: “Never did I imagine I would get back into size 10.

“My asthma has almost disappeared.

“I enjoy daily power walks and I love shopping for clothes.”

Now Kim wants to use her own experience to help others, reversing the roles by becoming a consultant for Slimming World.

She said: “I never dreamed I would end up helping other people to lose weight, but now I just can’t wait to get started.

“It’s a privilege for me to be able to pass on my understanding, so that I can give members the support they need to get to their targets.”

Slimming World meets at Humphrey Park Community Centre on Saturdays at 8am and 9.30am.