POLICE at Trafford Retail Park reported a 'dangerous' driver and seized their car after finding it had three bald tyres – two with nails in them.

Officers stopped the driver at the retail park 'due to poor manner of driving', according to a post on social media.

They then noticed the car – a black, convertible Audi – had three bald tyres, two of which also had nails in them.

Additionally, the car was missing a bumper.

Officers reported the driver for 'dangerous' driving and seized their car.

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The driver, who had eight points on their licence already, is facing a ban.

The post on social media said: "Vehicle stopped in Urmston due to poor manner of driving. 

"It had three bald tyres (two had nails in them) and no bumper.

"The driver was reported for dangerous driving.

"Vehicle seized and with the driver already having eight points on licence will be looking at a ban."