VOLUNTEERS at a park in Urmston have made a difficult decision to remove some popular planters after thieves struck again.

A week ago, The Messenger reported Friends of Chassen Park were 'gutted' after a planter in the shape of a ladybird was stolen.

Emma Jones, the group's deputy chair, was worried at the time that the thieves might come back for the others – a bee, a dog and a giraffe.

Her worries were confirmed at the weekend, when volunteers discovered the dog and the giraffe had been dug from the ground.

Fortunately, the planters had not been taken, and Friends of Chassen Park were able to put them into safekeeping.

The group is hoping to reinstall the planters in a more secure manner in future.

Emma said: "We find it disheartening that this keeps happening.

"But we won't let it dampen our spirits and purpose to improve the park for all."

Emma added she was 'totally overwhelmed' by the outpouring of support from the community after the initial theft.

There were some angry and disbelieving comments on social media, particularly in a community group for Urmston on Facebook.

One comment said: "Disgusting. [The thieves] should be ashamed of themselves."

Another added: "You can’t have anything nice without it being stolen. Infuriating."

As well as continuing their work cleaning, litter picking, painting, planting and weeding, Friends of Chassen Park are making a plan for the autumn including a street art mural.

For some more information on the group, or to get involved, email friendsofchassen@outlook.com or join the group on Facebook.