A PAIR of residents in Flixton have used a planning application as a chance to slam the pub across the road.

The application, itself innocuous, was submitted to Trafford Council by The Garricks Head, Moorside Road.

It asks to move the pub's smoking area from its eastern side, where a car park is to be redeveloped into housing, to its western side.

But two residents at the same address on Brook Road, also on the pub's western side, have used the application to make a number of allegations about the pub and its customers.

The allegations include public urination, trespass and drug use.

In a letter to the council, one of the residents on Brook Road said: "I've witnessed numerous instances of people urinating in the street, on our neighbours' walls and on our fence.

"I've seen patrons trespassing on our neighbours' property and several instances where there was the threat of a physical altercation.

"There are clear signs of drug use on the street outside the pub, and we've also seen individuals and small groups of people walk down the alleyway behind our property to smoke cannabis."

This resident also pointed to issues like parking – a point reiterated in the other resident's letter to the council – and noise.

They suggested moving the pub's smoking area might make the issues worse for them and other residents on Brook Road.

Trafford Council's planning committee will consider the application at its meeting this evening at 6.30pm, after it was called in by Flixton's Cllr Simon Thomas.

Cllr Thomas expressed similar concerns to his ward's residents.

However, planning officers have recommended the application for approval, saying a lot of the concerns are not their responsibility.

They said: "Issues relating to the activities of drunk patrons, public urination, trespass and drug use are matters outside of the scope of this planning application."

They also said Greater Manchester Police raised no concerns when consulted on the application.

On the issues of parking and noise, planning officers said moving the smoking area will make little difference to the current situation.

The Messenger has asked The Garricks Head for comment.