A MAN has been arrested after shouting racist abuse at a store manager and throwing an off-duty officer to the ground.

According to police, the off-duty officer was at the store in Altrincham when he spotted a man acting in a 'disorderly' way.

Asked to leave by the store manager, the man then started to shout racist abuse.

The off-duty officer tried to intervene, but was thrown to the ground by the man.

He then called for back-up and the man was arrested.

Police shared the incident on social media this morning.

A tweet said: "Offender detained by off-duty officer in Alty after he witnesses a male acting in a disorderly manner in a store and upon being asked to leave by manager, shouts racist abuse.

"The off-duty officer is thrown to the floor by the offender.

"Back-up arrives and the offender is arrested," it added.

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