PLANS to build a children's nursery on greenbelt land in Urmston have prompted staunch opposition from residents.

An application for the site at Meadowgate Farm, at the bottom of Meadow Road, was submitted to Trafford Council towards the end of June.

It proposes to demolish the existing farm building and stables to build a nursery for up to 125 children and 20 workers on the one-hectare site.

It also proposes to build a car park and do landscaping work.

The application is similar to one submitted in January, but then withdrawn in March.

The old one was withdrawn to address concerns raised at consultation, like the height of the building and its impact on the openness of the site.

Changes were made to the application, including a reduction in the size of the building and in the number of children.

However, the new one has also prompted staunch opposition.

At the time of writing, more than 10 letters have been submitted to the council, most from residents on nearby Meadowgate and all in opposition.

One letter, which is echoed in most of the others, listed the main problems as green belt development, flood plain development, traffic and noise.

Messenger Newspapers: The design in the old application (Image: EBR Designs).The design in the old application (Image: EBR Designs).

It said: "[This] is a well-loved green space which is used by walkers, runners, cyclists, horse riders and dog walkers.

"This area of Urmston is more valuable to the residents of Trafford as green space than commercial land as proposed, or indeed housing stock," it added, referring to an even older application to build housing on the site - also withdrawn.

The letter went on to suggest other boroughs of Manchester have more green space than Trafford, with people 'falling over each other' in Urmston.

On the issue of building on a flood plain near the River Mersey, the letter claimed the flood report included in the application was 'totally inaccurate'.

It said: "We've recently seen the proof the flood report is totally inaccurate, and if we believe in global warming, flooding is set to become the norm.

And on the issue of traffic, it suggested the junctions on Meadow Road with both Meadowgate and Stretford Road will become an 'accident hotspot'.

Finally, it said the nursery will create noise 'all year round', with children likely to be encouraged to spend time outside.

The consultation on the application is coming to an end.

The deadline for the council's decision is September 20.