PROTESTORS from Trafford flocked to the city centre on Saturday to call for action against the climate crisis.

The group from Stretford and Urmston, as well as Bury and Chorlton, put on bird costumes before swooping on St Peter's Square.

However, there was no chanting, no marching and no standing in front of traffic.

Instead, these protestors sat and crafted small yellow birds to send to their MPs.

The aim of the so-called Canary Craftivists was to pressure the Government to do more to protect the planet from climate change.

Messenger Newspapers:

Charlie Hooson-Sykes, of Stretford, is a spokesperson for the Canary Craftivists.

She thinks that a protest does not need to be big, loud and disruptive to have an impact, and that there is a place for 'craftivism' too.

She said: "When you send these things to MPs or people in positions of power, they recognise the effort that’s gone into what’s been created and it’s surprising the impact that it can have on them.

"It’s completely unusual - it’s not just another letter or email from someone - and it’s completely unique."

The group took inspiration from canaries due to their past use as a warning against dangerous gases in the mines.

Messenger Newspapers:

They intend to use the small yellow birds as a gentle reminder of the dangerous consequences of climate change.

The timing of the group's protest is no coincidence either, with the UK set to host the UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) later in the year in what is seen as a key moment in the construction of a cleaner and greener future across the planet.

Overseen by Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the Government, the conference will see world leaders discuss ways to cut emissions and stabilise the climate as it gets more and more unpredictable.

The Canary Craftivists are not the only ones applying pressure to the Government in the build up to the conference.

They are part of a nationwide group called the Craftivist Collective, which uses crafting in all its forms as a form of 'gentle' protest.