A RESCUE centre in Carrington is appealing for help after an influx of animals in need.

Changing Lives at Carrington was set up by Nicole Cooper in August 2020 on the same site as the Carrington Riding Centre at Nursery Farm.

The centre rescues a range of small animals, caring for them and finding them homes.

Its usual capacity is ten cats and ten rabbits, as well as space for a few other animals, but it is now dealing with more than double these numbers.

As well as 26 cats and 21 rabbits, the centre is caring for three guinea pigs, two chickens and even a pair of giant snails.

And Nicole – who also works full-time at Carrington Riding Centre caring for the horses – says the centre is ‘struggling’.

The 22-year-old is helped by two part-time workers and a team of around 20 volunteers, but it is funding that is the main problem.

Messenger Newspapers: 22-year-old Nicole runs the centre alongside a full-time job.22-year-old Nicole runs the centre alongside a full-time job.

She said: “We’re struggling for funding to get animals the vet care they need.

“Some cat treatments can cost well into the thousands.

“We’ve been coping well, but it’s hard – especially alongside a full-time job.”

Nicole puts the influx of animals down to a few things, including the people who bought animals during lockdown but failed to get them neutered.

She said: “It’s kitten season, so females roam for miles to find a male and vice versa.

“People can’t cope with how many kittens they have, so they have to surrender them.

“We have to take the fall for their vet care.”

The centre is now appealing for donations towards vet care, as well as basics like food, water and electricity.

“Anything, even a pound, will help,” Nicole said.

Donations of cat food and cat litter are also welcome.

For information on how to donate, go to Changing Lives at Carrington on Facebook.