PARKRUN is coming back to Trafford after the council gave permission for the event at Sale Water Park to return – although the exact date is still in doubt.

Organisers took to Twitter at 3pm on Tuesday to reveal Trafford Council have given the free, weekly 5km event the go ahead.

It means both of Trafford’s parkruns are set to return after the event at Longford Park in Stretford got its permission in April.

This is good news for the area’s parkrunners, who have not been able to attend since mid-March 2020.

An average of almost 500 people took part in the event at Longford Park every weekend before the pandemic, plus more than 200 people at Sale Water Park.

However, the exact date for parkrun’s return across the country is still in doubt due to a lack of permission from councils.

Organisers initially set it for Saturday 5 June, then postponed it by three weeks until Saturday 26 June.

They are unwilling to return with a small number of events in case these are overwhelmed by parkrunners from all over.

And as coronavirus cases rise again, it seems less and less likely enough councils will give permission by the end of the month.

A decision on whether to postpone again is due on Friday.

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