A PHARMACY in Altrincham is offering free heart check-ups in a bid to tackle the health impact of lockdown.

Rowlands Pharmacy on Lloyd Street is running the service as a pilot after a study found three in ten adults in the north west are less healthy now than at the start of the pandemic, with 41 per cent admitting to gaining weight and 37 per cent exercising less during lockdown.

Until the end of July, customers can visit the branch to receive a cardiovascular risk assessment as well as a heart age score, blood pressure reading and Body Mass Index calculation.

A pharmacist from the branch said: “It’s clear that during a tough year of social restrictions, many people have turned to things that comfort them – be it food, drink or nicotine.

“Unfortunately, these comfort blankets in excess can come at a cost to the body and increase the risk of physical health conditions such as heart disease, cholesterol and diabetes.

“By piloting this free health check-up service, we hope to actively help curb the increased health risk lockdown restrictions have imposed on the health of this community.”

As well as the check-ups, the pharmacy is offering lifestyle advice and signposting customers to other services.