A SALE shopping centre is going smoke-free in a bid to become a more ‘healthy environment’.

Stanley Square, a site including more than 50 shops, took to Facebook on Monday morning to announce smoking is now banned across the site.

The ban also covers the use of e-cigarettes.

The announcement comes only a few days after Oxfordshire County Council made national headlines for its own plan to ban smoking outside pubs, restaurants and offices, as well as in other public areas.

It reads: “From today, Stanley Square is to become a smoke-free zone – which includes all vaping – across the entire centre.

“As a family-friendly destination, we believe having this new policy in place protects us all and creates a healthy environment.

“This is all in support of the Government’s pledge to make the UK a smoke-free zone by 2025.

“We want to be a part of this – and we hope you do too.”

The announcement received a mixed response in the comments from visitors to the shopping centre.

Lucy Lightowler wrote: “I’m so pleased about this. It will definitely mean I will take my family a lot more! Now we can all enjoy the outside areas, not just the smokers!”

But Chris Hughes wrote: “As somewhere relying on becoming a destination for outside drinking and eating, this may be a bit of an own goal limiting your customer base.”

This is similar to the mixed response The Messenger received over the weekend when it went to readers for their opinion on Oxfordshire County Council’s smoking ban.

Asked if Trafford Council should make a similar move, some readers used ‘likes’ to show support for the idea, but others expressed concern about the impact on hospitality.

Alison Riley-Grime said: “I don’t smoke, but give people a break! The pubs are already struggling!”