POLICE have issued a warning to the users of e-scooters after seizing one of the vehicles yesterday in Trafford Park.

Officers stopped an e-scooter user after spotting them driving on the road at speed next to a cyclist.

It is currently illegal to use an e-scooter without meeting a long list of legal requirements, unless on private land or as part of an ongoing trial.

And last night Greater Manchester Police used the seizure of the e-scooter as an opportunity to warn other users of some of these requirements.

They tweeted: “Remember, e-scooters are motor vehicles and require a driving licence, tax and insurance.”

Police are entitled to seize and impound the vehicles, with users also risking a fine and penalty points.

Unlike neighbouring Salford, Trafford is not one the areas covered by an ongoing trial of e-scooters approved by the government.

The trial allows users to rent speed limited e-scooters and use them on roads or cycle lanes as long as the safety rules are followed.

For information on the trial, go to gov.uk/guidance/e-scooter-trials-guidance-for-users.