Since lockdown, Jessica Murrills, of Altrincham Choral Society, has enjoyed Monday night Zoom sessions with conductor Steven Roberts.

She said: “He takes these rehearsals very seriously and though we can’t hear the other members singing, the choir has adapted well.”

But Jessica had six days with nothing to do. Instead of moping, she thought of residents at Bickham House care home in Bowdon and penned letters to them.

She said: “Before the pandemic, I used to visit regularly. I chatted one-to-one with residents who fancied a talk.”

Her ‘correspondence in lockdown’ has been been so appreciated her letters have been pinned on the notice board there. Jessica uses her writing as a 'chat room'.

It is about everyday events during lockdown such as washing her hands for 20 seconds while singing Happy Birthday. She also writes about family quizzes and her Zoom sessions.

Once she thanked Bickham House for sending a video with them holding placards with their names on and playing percussion.

Choir chair Karen Jarmany said: “The online sessions have given singers a chance to maintain routine and connect weekly. I hope Jessica will soon be able to visit Bickham House and to sing again live with her friends from Altrincham Choral Society.”