CLARE Morel has a lot to be proud of... for not only is she the musical director of two choirs at the Music Place, Altrincham, but she is also a singing teacher there and does music sessions for people with special needs.

Although she enjoys conducting the Music Place choir. which is open to all, and meets at the Bowdon Rooms, it is her other choir, Vibrant Voices, which won her an award.

She modestly admitted that two years ago she was given the North West Tonight Christmas Star award. 

The award was for her work with Vibrant Voices because they are people with dementia, stroke survivors, those with Parkinson’s disease and their carers.

Clare said: “The award was such a surprise. One of my Vibrant Voices nominated me and the TV crew came to our Christmas party. My nominator presented the award with all the cameras pointing at me.

“It was both an honour and a surprise. I shed more than a few tears and could only just blurt out my thanks in between sobs.”

She thanked their accompanist. Richard Wetherall, for his support because he always added fun to their sessions.

“Both my choirs sound wonderful,” said Clare.

During lockdown the choir members have been entertained by singalong films. Clare said: “We use the bouncing ball technology for people to follow the words and sing along.

“Singing has a powerful effect for us all. When we sing, we release endorphins and singing together releases this positive feeling.”

Clare has three children who love music, while her husband teaches saxophone at the Music Place.  

She is thrilled that the pandemic might soon be over.

“Singing together again will be such a joy. It will be exciting to share the harmonies and to hear one another again,” said Clare.