A DRUNK who punched a woman in the head after she tried to defuse an argument in the street has been jailed.

Moazam Ali’s reaction to his victim, who had approached him in the street after seeing him arguing with another man, was ‘out of all proportion’ a Crown Court heard.

However defending Ali, Louise Cowan argued that her client had been ‘provoked’ into punching the woman, who was left dripping in blood following the incident.

The 33-year-old was jailed for four months after pleading guilty to one count of grievous bodily harm.

Prosecuting the case Peter Warne said: “The complainant in this case was on the way to the shop to get a drink when she saw the defendant who was having a dispute with another man.

“She walked over to try and intervene and attempted to tell the defendant to stop arguing and to go inside. He was drinking a large bottle of cider and was described as drunk.

“The woman decided to take matters into her own hands and pushed him back towards his own home. He told her to leave, put the bottle down and shouted, ‘come on m***** f*****’.”

Messenger Newspapers: Moazam Ali

Deciding to leave the two men to it, the woman then turned around to leave and head back towards the shop when she felt a whack to the side of her head.

Mr Warne said: “The punch by the defendant was with such force that she was knocked to the floor. She fell and her head hit the tarmac. She did not lose consciousness and got back to her feet with blood running down her face.

“The defendant ran away, and the emergency services were called, with the complainant being taken to this hospital.”

The court heard how since the incident the victim has struggled with anxiety and does not go out at much as she used to.

In defence Miss Cowan argued that her client had been ‘provoked’ into throwing the punch.

She said: “This incident has had a deep impact upon the defendant and his presentation and behaviour.

“He made the regrettable decision to strike the victim and he bears the responsibility for the consequence. However, there are some mitigating features.

“There was an element of provocation. The victim did push him and strike him too. This is not to say, in anyway. That she is responsible for what followed, and I do not wish to put on his behalf that his behaviour was excusable – it was not.”

Miss Cowan went on to say that the incident involved a single blow and was isolated, adding the defendant had no similar previous convictions.

She added: “He is not a man who causes concerns for future violent behaviour.”

Ali was jailed for four months.