OVER 150 followers of Sale and Altrincham Musical Theatre enjoyed an evening of love songs for Valentine's, streamed last Saturday, February 13.

This dairy box of delights, From SAMT with Love, was delivered with the society’s usual vigour and enthusiasm and went so smoothly that no-one noticed the skill involved in putting it together.  

It wasn’t all singing because it included tap dancing by the SAMT Tappers, showing only their feet to demonstrate the intricate movements involved.

The programme was eccentrically compered by ‘Bernard’ and ‘Barbara’ who turned out to be Jeff Harpin and Janice Rendel.

The versatile pair also came up with the song, Alone.

They were among four couples who musically wooed us.

Another pair was siblings Olivia and Phil Callaghan, who sang You’ve Got A Friend In Me whileshowing snippets of them growing up.

Society chairman Paul Rendel was unrecognisable dressed as a clown but removed his costume to reveal his true self in Love on the Rocks with its sad ending.

One of the most romantic albeit well known songs came from Jonny Cunliffe, who followed in the footsteps of Ezio Pinza with Some Enchanted Evening.

The cast of 16 introduced themselves at the start with Over the Rainbow followed by exceptional technical wizardry at the end with the appropriately named Times Like These, where the cast’s independent performances were woven together to make a whole.

The hard of hearing were assisted in both those items by signer Kate Louise Shaw.

Whether or not you saw the show and if you support amateur stage, you can donate by contacting samtheatre1@gmail.com.