A woman whose friends and family are buried in a Trafford cemetery is on a mission to get the place cleaned up.

Jennifer Jamieson, who was born in Urmston and went to school in Stretford, said she was ‘deeply saddened’ to see the state Stretford cemetery had fallen into on her latest visit.

She found evidence of a major fly-tipping with items including a washing machine, BBQ, shopping trolley and an old mattress all dumped near the tombs.

To make matters worse, Ms Jamieson said she saw dog walkers letting their dogs off the lead and allowing them to urinate on headstones – while a funeral was happening nearby.

Ms Jamieson said: “It’s an absolute disgrace. There’s a playing field up the road, they’re treating it like a park with their dogs off the leads, letting them cock their legs on the graves.

“I have friends and family buried there, it might as well be a piece of waste ground. They’ve got no respect, it’s disgusting.

“And there’s a guard on duty, how did the flytipping get there? It’s absolutely shocking. The state of the whole cemetery is an absolute nightmare and nobody’s doing anything about it.

“The cemetery used to be a beautiful place, with flowers and it was so well looked after. But Trafford council, they’re doing nothing. They should be checking up on it regularly. I’m really incensed by the whole thing, it’s just not on.”

Ms Jamieson said she’s been trying to get the place cleaned up.

She added that she thinks the back fencing in the cemetery is in serious need of repair, as are the main gates to the site, which she said were ‘once beautiful’ but now look like ‘they’ve never seen a repair job’.

A spokesperson for Trafford council said: “Trafford council takes great pride in its cemeteries and we were disgusted to hear of the fly tipping incident. The rubbish was removed in a timely manner and we reported the incident to the police.

“In terms of security, the main gates are in good working order and are locked at night. The cemetery grounds have become a lot busier since the COVID pandemic and attract lots of dog walkers. We would urge people to respect the surroundings by keeping dogs on leads at all times.”