MORE than 80,000 motorists have received fines for breaching the temporary 50mph speed limit on the M62 since it was first implemented in 2018.

Data gained via a Freedom of Information request, submitted to Greater Manchester Police, showed that a total of 84,318 vehicles have failed the average speed check between junction 10 at Croft and junction 12 at Eccles over the past two-and-a-half years.

Of this number, 50,838 drivers were given a combination of a fixed penalty notice and a speed awareness course.

Meanwhile, 32,116 paid fines alone for their breaches.

As of the end of November 2020, 15,881 motorists had completed speed awareness courses.

The highest recorded speed for a vehicle passing through this area was 137mph.

Inspector Harrison White, of GMP's road policing team, said: “Temporary speed limits on motorways are there to protect workers whose lives are put at risk every day by working on high speed stretches of road.

“Barriers have also been put in place to protect them, together with speed cameras to target motorists who are breaking the limits that have been put in place.

“Our motorway patrols also see officers target speeding motorists and those who drive in an anti-social manner, which can often cause serious and fatal collisions.

“Speeding puts lives in serious danger and is sadly one of the top contributors of deaths on our roads.

“We would ask that drivers always adhere to the speed limit – not because you fear being caught, but because you don’t want to cause serious injury or worse still, death, to yourself or others.

"Sadly, more than 60 families lost loved ones on our roads last year with a further 600 suffering serious injuries.

“Think about your speed and the consequences going above the speed limit may have.

“It’s better to arrive late than never.”