CORONAVIRUS vaccines began across the UK two weeks ago but most people might be wondering just when they can expect to receive it?

Omni have created a 'vaccine queue calculator' to estimate how many people in the UK are ahead of you to be vaccinated.

The calculator takes into consideration things such as your age, if you're a care home worker or resident, if you're pregnant and if you were asked to shield by the Government at the peak of the pandemic.

The tool is based on the UK Government's 'Priority List' that will see care home residents and carers, those over the age of 80 and frontline health and social care workers vaccinated by the end of January. 

Omni have gathered data on the estimated size of each group to work out roughly where individuals place in the queue.

The calculator has not been endorsed by the NHS and is not connected to the mass roll-out, however could offer insight into expectations of the coming year.

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