JAMES Pollitt, from Sale, is an artist in every sense of the word.

He has, for 12 years, been helping learning disabled people to develop their artistic identity via Venture Arts.

Another talent he has is for illustration. For six years he illustrated case studies for a medical text book series.

He has, more than anything else, made his name in animation.

He created two different whibbits, popular animations based on his two pet whippets.

He said: “My dogs, Penny and Eric, have been an inspiration. They have different personalities and behaviours. Dogs are therapeutic, something I try to get across in my animations.”

He has created three films with models based on his dogs both made from bits and bobs from his toolbox.

“I wanted to take my animated dog characters forward into a new story, too big to turn into a film. So I decided to write it in verse in a book.

“After research, the 5–8-year-olds seemed appropriate although it will appeal to all ages especially since most of the followers of my animations are adult.”

The Whibbits Storybook will be a book about making the most of objects around us. It will include recycling, imagination, friendship and the brilliance of dogs.

James, 40, said: “Bits is a whibbit, one of two little dogs made from an old shoe, pencils, lolly sticks,a bike chain and other everyday pieces. Living on a desktop, she helps her creator to fetch things and cheers him up.

“Bits discovers critters - lots of small creatures - and searches for new ideas for the artist’s next project.

James aims to sell in advance 50 books at £25 each. He said: “The money will help fund the time and materials to finish the book.”

James has set up a crowdfunding page at Indiegogo.com/projects/ the ’whibbits!’