Drainage improvement works in Greenwood Street, Altrincham, are to take place during the coronavirus lockdown in order to minimise disruption to businesses.

A letter has gone out to owners of shops and businesses along Greenwood Street to let them know of the planned remedial works.

The letter, which has been hand delivered, is from Alined Construction, which is carrying out the work on behalf of Bowmer and Kirkland.

The works will involve drainage improvements along Greenwood Street including connection to an existing manhole at junction of Greenwood Street and Pott Street.

Trafford Council helped coordinate the scheduling of the roadworks, which are planned to take place from Wednesday 18 November to Wednesday 2 December.

The government’s lockdown, which aims to reduce the spread of coronavirus, is due to end on 2 December.

Cllr James Wright, Trafford Council’s Executive Member for Housing and Regeneration, said: “This is a great example of how we can work together to provide the best possible outcomes.

“We know how much Covid has affected businesses owners and we have looked to help out where we can, such as our Discretionary Businesses Grant Scheme.

“By scheduling the works now, there will be far less disruption to the shops and businesses in Greenwood Street.

That means, if the government allows shops to reopen on 3 December, shoppers and visitors will be able to experience the delights of Altrincham town centre without disruption.

Aligned also plans to keep disruption to a minimum while the work is ongoing, with full pedestrian access to takeaways and essential shops that are still open during lockdown.

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