A NEW bar and restaurant is planned for an old legal office in Trafford – after its owners secured a licence from the council.

An application to sell alcohol on and off the premises of 166 Barton Road in Stretford was approved by Trafford council’s licensing sub committee with conditions – as was a similar application by the same owners for 164A Barton Road, which was once a club and bar.

The second premises was home to the Sip Club, a popular venue in Stretford which closed during the pandemic, as reported previously by the Messenger.

The new bars and restaurant planned at both addresses, BrewChimp at 166 Barton Road and BrewChimp the Tiffin Room at 164A Barton Road, will join a small chain of similar venues in Trafford.

There is already a BrewChimp bar and restaurant in Church Road, Urmston and another in Flixton Road, Flixton.

Conditions of the council’s new licences for both venues is that all customers must have left the premises by 11pm (when the Covid 10pm is not in effect) and a new noise management strategy must be submitted by owners to the authority.

During operating hours the venues must keep windows and doors shut to prevent any noise from being heard outside the premises when entertainment is being offered on site.

There had been concerns from those living nearby that noise from the venue would prove a real problem for the area.

But with the conditions imposed by the council, the venues’ opening hours (when Covid restrictions are not in place) will be Monday to Sunday 11am to 11pm.

Alcohol will be allowed to be served both on and off each site between 11am and 11pm.