WORK on a 'transport revolution for Greater Manchester - which will change the face of a Trafford town and has led to major changes elsewhere - is powering ahead.

The first phase of the Urmston Active Neighbourhood scheme, promoting walking and cycling, will be finished by autumn 2021.

New segregated cycle routes, new and upgraded crossings, improved signage, parklets, school street treatments and collision reduction measures are all planned.

This has been funded, alongsided district councils, by Mayor Andy Burnham's challenge fund, which has also seen improvements along Talbot Road in Stretford.

Mr Burnham said: “It’s been years in the making, but GM’s cycling and walking revolution is finally starting.

“To build the capability and scheme pipeline to deliver a new way of travel for a whole city region has taken us two years, but we are now ready to begin delivery.

“By next summer we will begin to see the fruits of our labour and the region’s residents will finally have the chance to travel to shops and schools easily and safely without using a car.

Olympic legend Chris Boardman, the Greater Manchester Walking and Cycling Commissioner, added: “It will create better places to live and work, give those with a car the option to leave it at home and for those who don’t, it will provide them with a reliable, safe and pleasant network to walk or ride to shops, schools and workplaces.

"This is the beginning of Greater Manchester’s 21st century transport revolution.”