MORE of Trafford’s roads could have their speeds reduced to 20mph in an effort to keep people safe.

At a full council meeting held last week, the authority approved a Green Party group motion, with an amendment, calling for speed limit reductions on residential roads across the borough.

The motion echoed the borough’s public health director, Eleanor Roaf.

Last week she advocated active transport and 20mph zones in residential areas and the motion was proposed by Cllr Michael Welton, Green member for Altrincham.

It was supported in full by the Greens and Liberal Democrat groups.

But Labour’s executive member for the environment Cllr Stephen Adshead tabled an amendment – which the Labour and Conservative groups supported.

The amendment committed the authority to publishing a full report into the matter by March 2021 and reviewing residential roads for their suitability for 20mph zones.

Cllr Adshead’s amendment also stated that the council already allows residents to request for their roads to be limited to 20mph.

Rat running has doubled in recent years on quiet residential roads through Trafford and Trafford, according to Cllr Welton, outlining the thinking behind his motion.

He said: “Trafford should follow the likes of Westminster, Birmingham and the whole of Wales.

"They all have voted to lower their speed limits recently. We hope this review will bring council policy up to date.

“Cars are getting bigger, faster and quieter. It’s time to use new technology to make our streets safer, not more dangerous.”

Cllr Welton told the meeting he hopes that the Labour administration will make it easier for the public to request their roads become 20mph zones as the council’s website currently doesn’t have a clear process to do this.

Cllr Jane Brophy said the Liberal Democrats would support the motion unamended and said: "Now’s the time".

She added that the chances of being killed if hit by a vehicle travelling at 35mph stood at 50 per cent, at 30mph the chance of being killed is still 45 per cent.

Survival rate if hit by a vehicle travelling at 20mph is understood to be 97 per cent.

The motion, with the Labour amendment, was passed with the majority of votes in favour.