THE support available for victims of domestic abuse has been renewed in Trafford, with the council vowing to team up with other Greater Manchester authorities to support victims and rehabilitate offenders.

Councillors have welcomed the new Domestic Abuse Bill currently making its way through parliament, but called for more funding for victims’ services to ensure the new law will work if approved.

Cllr Adele New, (Labour, Bucklow St Martins) shared the story of one woman left ‘terrified’ of her violent partner after she was frequently attacked. The woman sustained ‘awful’ injuries at his hands, while caring for her young baby.

One time she had to leave the child with him so she could seek medical treatment for her injuries, a decision which would 'haunt' the woman forever.

During the first three months of lockdown, more than 40,000 calls were made to the National Domestic Abuse helpline. Men’s support lines received 8,500 calls over that period.

Councllors voted to spread awareness of domestic abuse, encourage training, enhance the safety of victims and the support they receive, reduce harm and ensure early identification.