SALE writer Sharon Richards, recently featured in The Messenger, has received eight responses from readers, four of whom have definitely agreed to become Beta readers.

Beta readers give feed back on each chapter of her book, Deadly Inheritance.

One Messenger reader, Jill Thorpe from Sale, has already read the 60,000 word novel.

She gave one constructive criticism.

Sharon said: “I had decided to change the name of one of the characters but, in one chapter, I had forgotten to do it. Jill kindly pointed this out to me.”

Jill had enjoyed reading the ghost story and had stated that all the characters were well fleshed out and believable.

She had said: “I liked the way the tension builds.”

She particularly enjoyed the vocabulary and the way the descriptions varied.

Jill had also said how well the scariness had built up. She appreciated the historical element of the book.

Sharon has now passed her book on to a second volunteer but she is still open to new would-be Beta readers.

To volunteer, email