A HIGH school headteacher has issued a warning that she will contact the police to keep her students safe if parents and carers do not abide by strict coronavirus regulations.

Nicola Doward from Stretford High School posted the letter to parents on the school website over concerns about families not self-isolating.

She said: “Some parents and carers are not doing what they should to keep their children and our community safe.

“For example, a child has been sent into school even though a family member has symptoms and the child should have been self-isolating.

“We have been notified that a child is self-isolating and then we have had reports that the child has been seen out in the local community.

“Invariably, we find out when these things happen. Myself and my team have had to have a number of very straight talking and direct conversations this week. It is not acceptable.

“Everyone needs to do their bit to keep everyone safe.

“I will do everything in my power to keep you and your families safe. Everything. That includes utilising my colleagues in the GM Police who are able to enforce restrictions and fine non-compliance.

“I do not say this to you as a threat. I say this to you as a promise that I will do what is necessary.

Meanwhile, the school will be expecting their Year 9 bubble to return today, Thursday, while Year 11 will return on October 9 as both have been learning from home.

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