RESIDENTS in Trafford are being reminded about how they can recycle even better.

Over the last three months Trafford residents recycled 60 per cent of their waste and are now being asked to think about the items they recycle in their black bin.

Stickers have been appearing on black recycling bins and a leaflet posted through letter boxes to help residents recycle even better.

Recycle for Greater Manchester (R4GM) have come together with the One Trafford Partnership to run the #GotToBeABottle campaign, helping Trafford residents to think about which plastic items they recycle.

Any plastic bottles used around the home can go in the black recycling bin.

Most residents recycle right, but some are putting other types of plastics in the black bin such as plastic bags, yoghurt pots, fruit trays, margarine tubs and plant pots. None of these items can be recycled and should go in the grey general waste bin.

Cllr Stephen Adshead, environment executive member, said: “The list of items that can be recycled has not changed, but we’ve noticed that more of the wrong plastics are now being put in the black recycling bin. Recycling plastics can be confusing, that’s why we’re reminding everyone that it’s Got To Be A Bottle. It’s really important that everyone recycles right, not only to protect the environment but to also protect other essential public services. When wrong items are placed in the wrong bin, it can cost the taxpayer in additional disposal fees – money which could be spent on other council services. ”