WATCH out Eminem or Snoop Dogg, a children’s television presenter has helped a four-year-old boy from Stretford to become a Youtube rapper and star.

Joe Chambers who presents ‘The Rhyme Rocket’ on the CBeebies channel, saw his life change before lockdown started in March.

The 31-year-old had visited friends Lauren and James Pounchly, who live in Stretford, to celebrate his birthday after coming back from New Zealand.

With the pandemic the family asked Joe to stay and help to care for and entertain their son Jesse.

Joe said: “They said rather than going back to my two-bedroom flat in London and being on my own that I could stay with them.

“I stayed in their spare room and I was not working so I basically stayed and did some babysitting with Jesse.

“I tried to teach him how to rhyme and that was part of the YouTube mini web-series.

“I was really impressed with how Jesse got on as when we started he was only able to speak as he was only three but is now four.

“This was an amazing process as his speech came on so much over the three-and-a-half months I was living with them.

“To conclude our journey I’ve made an actual song and music video with Jesse and we think he’s absolutely brilliant!

“The song is a complete parody, all about him leaving home (now he’s turned foiur) and it features Jesse’s mum Lauren who sings the choruses.

“It is something that I think can be expanded out on into schools and I am looking into it.”

Mum Lauren said: “It was really fun and I think that he understood about what happens with the editing and maybe in the future he would like to sing or do more drama.

“I think when all the restrictions are over he would like to go to some more drama groups. He loves The Greatest Showman and has loved acting since he was two.”

Within hours of going on the internet, it had 3,000 hits. To view the video visit: