A MOOSE Bouche, a new restaurant business created by executive chef, Michael Rogerson, 30, specialises in delivering locally sourced meals to private houses.

They are cheaper and more nutritious than takeaways.

Since lockdown, he has been serving between 60 and 70 meals a week supplying a different menu for each weekday.

Michael explained the name. He said “Moose Bouche is a French starter but also, my friends call me Mickey Moose.

Michael began, aged 14, making cornflake cakes with his granny but his enthusiasm resulted in him becoming a North West regional finalist in the Future Chefs competition a year later.

Once, his business provided a barbecue for 30 people at a 16th birthday party

His training at South Trafford College stood Michael in good stead and he worked in many excellent local restaurants including Danilo’s in Hale, even returning to the college to train would-be chefs.

Michael started working from home before moving to the kitchen at Altrincham Conservative Club and refurbishing it at the end of January.

Soon, he needed help.

So Ben Oakley, who had been furloughed from Remedy kitchen at the Royal Exchange and where they had worked together at one time, came to join him as manager.

The pair specialise in helping athletes and gym people.

The Twinzz, who sell sportswear, use Michael and Ben’s culinary skills three times a day to ensure the right intake of calories.

The pair also serve private dinner parties in people’s homes

Ben said: “I enjoy everything about my job. I love restaurants and bars.

“I joined my first restaurant when I was 15.

“I am now 39 and still like working with people.

“Michael and I were introduced about eight years ago

“We first worked together at Eat Kizen, in Altrincham, a place which specialised in health food and later, Remedy kitchen.

“I was always front of house and Michael in the kitchen.

“There is a huge market for home deliveries around here.

“We can either deliver to them or they can collect or be served from the Conservative Club.”

“We had always wanted to do our own thing,” said Ben

Michael said: “I feel like an artist when I’m cooking.

“I enjoy the feedback from my clients who are always very positive.

“I would like to take on an apprentice next.”

For more information contact michaelrogerson@moosebouche.com

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