I have received some lovely messages asking me about the progress of our, now fifteen week old puppy, Betty.

I love how everyone asks after her, she's really a part of our family now! Walking her through Eden Square in Urmston recently I heard someone say 'awww there's Betty'!

She's doing great and has now started puppy classes.

My Val took her along to Flixton Dog Training who are now running their classes, socially distanced, from Urmston Meadows, at the bottom of Meadow Gate in Urmston. As well as her training It's also great for her socialisation and she loves making friends. Despite being so tiny she sometimes behaves like she's a fully grown Alsatian rather than a Jackahuahua!

She has actually grown a bit too at just over 2kg now, so still tiny but double the weight from when we first got her. Thank you for all the lovely messages about her. Everyone loves a puppy!

During my break from Wayne's World I started working hard on a couple of projects. I told you I would let you know about them as and when I could and although it's still very early days, I'm pleased I can now tell you about one of those projects.

'The Crooner' is a television documentary, now in preproduction, that tells the story of the great crooners, past and present. From the invention of the microphone up to today's crooners.

It's an absolute honour for me to be able to tell this story and, as the presenter, interview all the great crooners who are out there. As I am also involved in writing and co-producing, It's very hard work and taking up most of my time but when you are working hard on something that you love and are passionate about, you can't really call it work!

In a nutshell, I want to keep my favourite style of singing alive and well and this documentary is my small step towards reminding people of this ageless genre that I believe should never be allowed to be lost to history.

I will keep you posted on developments and you can also keep updated on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/thecroonerdocumentary We are also on Instagram and Twitter. Working on 'The Crooner' has reignited my passion for singing and after interviewing some of the crooners for the documentary my head is now full of the songs from the Great American Songbook. I can't wait to get back out there and perform again!

If you are a lover of crooning, have a favourite crooner, or an interesting story connected to crooning then please let me know. You can email thecroonerdocumentary@gmail.com with your stories.

Finally, I would like to congratulate Trafford residents Janette and Rod on their Ruby Wedding Anniversary!

As always, I'll see you on Sunday at 6pm on my community website www.allabouttrafford.co.uk for my weekly video 'A Word From Wayne' .