SALE writer, Sharon Richards, is appealing to Messenger readers to help her get her new novel ready for publication.

Having successfully published her first novel, Pirates Out of Time, now ready for a third edition, Sharon has come up with a ghost story.

The new novel is called Deadly Inheritance. It is about a young teenager who is left a house by ‘Mad Mavis’ a strange great aunt, on condition he decides whether to accept the inheritance within two weeks.

To help her get her new work into tip top condition, Sharon wants Messenger readers to become Beta readers. Sharon said: “Beta readers volunteer to read the book and give feed back on each chapter. They have to state on a scale of 0 – 10, how much and why that particular chapter inspired them to read the next chapter.”

If a chapter received seven or fewer points, Sharon would re-write it. She said: “That is why I want unbiased reports from people I don’t know. All my friends just say everything is wonderful.” Her latest book is aimed at over 12s so teenagers are also invited to become Beta readers.

To become a Beta reader. Email