OFFICERS were forced to issue a dispersal order in Trafford last night after two problem parties in the area. 

Greater Manchester Police had an extremely busy day yesterday, with Saturday night seeing the force called to at least ten gatherings across the borough.

Trouble brewed later in the evening, after patrols were called to a home in Flixton, Trafford, at around 10pm where the occupants were "refusing to engage" with officers.

They were able to break up the party around 30 minutes later, and handed out a fine to those responsible.

Late-night harassment and anti-social behaviour in Trafford forced police to take a stronger stance, introducing an overnight dispersal order for the area.

Authorised by the Silver Chief Inspector, the order covered the area between the M60, the A57, the M6, M56, and the A5103.

It was brought into effect at 12.50am, and lasted for six hours, giving officers more authority to make groups of people leave the area.

At around 2am, GMP announced a 24 hour closure notice had been issued on an address in Altrincham.

Officers had been called multiple times about an illegal gathering and anti-social behaviour at the home, and occupants refused to listen to the police when they turned up.

The order, which bans anyone who doesn't own or live at the address from entering, was issued, and a fine was handed out to the resident when the party was broken up.

These parties were two of over 3,000 incidents recorded by the force yesterday, stretching resources.

Earlier in the day, officers attended reports of an illegal rave in Trafford, but found an organised event with "covid safe provisions" in place when they arrived at around 5.30pm.

Elsewhere across Greater Manchester, patrols crashed a party in North Manchester – the third coronavirus breach they'd been called to at that address. A fine was issued to the organiser shortly before 6.30pm.

At around 7pm, a party for around 45 people was broken up by police in Stockport, earning the occupant a fine for their actions.

Officers shut down a "large illegal gathering" in a woodland in Wigan at around 9pm, sending all revellers on their way.

Another "large illegal gathering" was reported in Mottram, in Tameside, at around 11pm.

Officers found around 60-70 people there, before breaking up the festivities and hitting the organiser with a fine.

At around 9.30pm, officers were called to an address in Farnworth, where they broke up the ongoing party and handed out a fine to the resident.

Around an hour later, at 10.30 pm, GMP announced that they'd broken up another party at a house in Farnworth.

Neighbours claimed to have hear loud music blasting from the home for a few hours.

Officers sent everyone home, and slapped the occupier with a fine.