RESIDENTS and drinkers in Sale and Altrincham are being asked their views on alcohol-related crime as part of a council study.

Town hall bosses are looking to review their licensing policy - and each of the town centres is considered a 'cumulative impact zone'.

This means that tighter controls are placed on the opening of new licensed premises within a defined area.

The review comes as the borough council is also looking to extend its alcohol public spaces protection order - which prevents street drinking - for another three years.

Views on this extension will be considered before the deadline tomorrow, Friday.

Meanwhile the council is asking residents and businesses, as well as publicans and bar and cafe owners, to give them the lowdown on whether they have any issues with street drinking and anti-social behaviour in the neighbouring town centres.

Cllr Mike Freeman, the council's public safety executive member, said: "I would encourage as many residents and businesses as possible to take part in this consultation by filling in the online survey.

"This is all about making town centres safer by reducing the possibility of alcohol related crime and anti-social behaviour, and for that reason it is vitally important.”

Altrincham has seen the operation of a Best Bar None scheme since October 2017.

One of the key aims of the initiative, which was first launched in Bolton, is to promote the responsible management of pubs and clubs. Urmston is home to a similar scheme.

The licensing policy statement is required by law and is designed to give clear guidance to licence holders, applicants and people who may comment on licence applications of the cuncil’s policies and expectations.

An online survey, for the review, can be accessed by interested parties via the website