PETER Baugh has paused the writing of his book about his life with the late Councillor Jane Baugh, to describe her year as Mayor of Trafford, between 2011 and 2012.

She attended at least one engagement every day, sometimes two or even three.

She started her mayoral year with two charities, Parkinson’s UK (Trafford) and the Stroke Association (Trafford) later to be joined by the Stroke Support Group, the Alex Hulme Foundation, the League of Friends of Altrincham General Hospital and Trafford Carers. Supported by her committee, she raised £26,000 for these good causes.

One fundraising event was a St David’s Day dinner at the Aspire Restaurant, Trafford College.

She and Peter both had connections with Wales so they were especially pleased with that function.

Some of the most enjoyable occasions were visiting or hosting people from countries around the world such as joining the Italian and Polish consulates, on their respective national days.

Jane always made a point of attending the citizenship ceremonies at Sale Town Hall.

Her love of the arts and her involvement with Sale Festival Committee led to many interesting local engagements. They included plays and concerts in the borough and events during both Sale and Altrincham Festival weeks.

Contacting older people was a priority. She and Peter, who was her consort, attended several hundredth birthday parties.

A grand occasion was Altrincham and Sale Chamber of Commerce’s Annual Ball at Mere. Before that, they had attended the opening of Partington Library and Well being centre.

Peter said: “This illustrates how difficult it would be to single out one event as our favourite.”

* The book will be published on September 30 and will be available from 23 Priory Road, Sale.