POLICE handed out fixed penalty notices after discovering a large gathering was a brothel and sex party.

Officers from GMP Stretford posted on social media about the incident on Seymour Grove in Old Trafford on Friday afternoon.

PC Andrew Walsh, who is the Old Trafford neighbourhood officer, said: "We have been given anonymous information that there was going to be a gathering at a private massage parlour.

"When we arrived there were 15 men and four women in attendances - all of whom were consensual age.

"Patrols arrive to find a brothel and a sex party in place!

"Six fixed penalty notices were issued for contravening the Health Protection Coronavirus Restrictions Regulations Act 2020 for COVID breaches.

"It has been reported to licensing at Trafford Council.

"There were also checks that the workers were not there under duress."

PC Walsh added it is vital that the community continue to provide tip-offs of breaches.

He said: "We have seen that we are in fear of having a second wave of the coronavirus pandemic.

"Also Bolton has had more cases and I don't want the cases to rise in Trafford and we want people to get in touch with information and we will act on it.

"We want people to report coronavirus breaches at https://bit.ly/328fkAW"

More to follow...