Hello again! Since I stopped writing Wayne’s World I’ve received many messages of support from readers asking if I’ll come back and write my column again.

I’m touched by your kind words and the love shown towards myself and my Val. Thank you.

So, after reorganising some of my other projects and commitments, here we go again with Wayne ‘s World! Thank you so much for your support and friendship. You may remember that we sadly lost both our Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Bailey and Laila last year after 13 years of having them by our sides. We were devastated at losing two valued members of our family.

We felt ready for a new dog to join our family so a few weeks ago we decided to get a very tiny eight week old Jackahuahua puppy!

A Jackahuahua is a cross between a Chihuahua and a Jack Russell.

We’ve called her Betty and, as you can see from my photograph, she’s absolutely adorable. She’s made herself very much at home and we love her to bits. Betty is also popular in the community. We’ve been taking her with us everywhere we go.

Only weighing one kilogram she’s so small that she fits perfectly in the palm of my hand! Look out for us when we are out and about and say hello to Betty, at a safe social distance of course.

Val and I took Betty along with us to the ‘Come Together Urmston’ event organised by Urmston resident Roy Matthews, that took place at Urmston Sports Club. There was over eight hours of live music.

A local band that had been put together especially for the event put on a fantastic Beatles tribute. There was also a whole host of local artists performing throughout the day.

All social distancing measures were put into place and they were strictly followed by all in attendance. We really enjoyed listening to some live music again and had a great day.

Did you see the Spitfire flyby? The charity flight marked the 72nd anniversary of the NHS, which was established shortly after the Second World War, in which the Spitfire was an important symbol. The Spitfire flew over all the NHS hospitals across the North West and painted underneath its wings was written ‘Thank You NHS’ with the names of NHS workers written on the plane. It was lovely to see this gesture of recognition for all the hard work being done by our fabulous NHS staff.

My community website All About Trafford has now had over half a million visitors! Thanks so much for supporting my community initiative and I hope you will continue to support it by sending me all your Trafford based clubs, groups and of course your Trafford events. Thank you for keeping All About Trafford at the heart of Trafford.

I’ll see you all for my weekly video at 6pm on Sunday on www.allabouttrafford.co.uk and I’ll see you next time here in Wayne ‘s World in the Messenger.