BATTLE lines have been drawn in the fight over plans for hundreds of homes on the border of Partington and Warburton.

Developers Redrow Homes had lodged an appeal against the alleged non-determination of their bid to install new estates off Warburton Lane.

But planning bosses in Trafford, who say extensions had already been given to the homes giant as part of the process in 2019, say they would have always refused the bid on several key grounds.

A public inquiry has now been set to decide on the application, which covers two sites, one to the south of Oak Road and another off Moss Lane, from October 19.

In support of the original blueprints, planning agent Hannah Payne said the lack of a five-year housing supply and other local permissions focused on apartments, had led to a need for family housing in the borough.

She added: "The proposed development also represents a major inward investment for (Partington), providing much-needed market family homes, as well as other social and economic benefits including formal play areas, open space, New Homes Bonus payments and new jobs both directly in the construction and education sector and indirectly within the local community."

The developer says it also wanted to separate the sites two from nearby Birch Farm and Heathlands Farm and introduce a crossing point across Red Brook.

Councillors met last February to determine their stance on the Warburton Lane package.

And the planning committee ruled it would reject the proposals because of the impact on nearby heritage assets, a lack of detail given in the scheme's parameters, the unsuitability of the location due to poor accessibility, no allowances being made for affordable housing and its inappropriateness for the rural setting.

Warburton Parish Council has also sounded the alarm over the scale of the proposed development.

In their submission to the inquiry, they say: "The proposal for up to 400 houses on the two sites represents a massive influx into Warburton. Warburton currently has 142 houses and a population of around 300. The number of houses in Warburton has increased by 18 per cent since 2004 with little impact on the character of the village.

"The introduction of so many new houses will have a huge impact on Warburton. It will also have a very substantial impact on Partington, where many local services are struggling to cope with numbers."