WHEN it comes to digital, Jaw Digital is on the up.

Wayne Berry opened new premises at 124 Ashley Road, Hale on Saturday, August 22 and he is already getting at least one customer a day calling into his shop next to the Railway pub.

The new premises provide websites at all levels and digital marketing services but, most popular of all is MODLX, Jaw Digital’s own branded social lead generation tool which is already their biggest selling product.

It has software built into it which provides sophisticated, tailored adverts.

Wayne has a staff of seven and two permanently retained contractors.

The firm already has a good reputation locally.

The Provost of Altrincham, Freeman Burgess Tony Collier performed the opening ceremony supported by members of Altrincham Court Leet.

Wayne said: “The opening ceremony was amazing for someone modern and young like us.

“ It was lovely to see the blending between the old and the new.

"My friends and family enjoyed it.”

Although he has been in digital for 16 years, Wayne, 37, set up Jaw Digital in a bedroom in Timperley in 2014 before moving to an upstairs office in Ashfield Road, near to his new shop.

“When we got the new premises, we did it up in six weeks.

“My relatives were very helpful and the landlord was supportive.

“I was working eight hours a day in the old office and then coming to fit out the new shop.

“We had a couple of tradesmen in but most of it we did ourselves.

“There was a horrible old wooden floor to take up. We removed a lot of shelving.

"We painted the exterior, and put in a new boiler.

“On top of that I had a four week old baby. I can’t believe we did it in the time”

The opening hours are between Monday and Friday, 9am to 5.30pm and then Saturday 10am – 2pm

Not content with starting the UK’s first digital marketing shop, Wayne said his next target was to open premises in Wilmslow and further afield.

They use marketing leading software to find real-time data to help you get the most out of their client’s budget.

You can shop all things digital in their stylish consultation pods.

It will give you a chance to set out your strategy and pay your invoice instantly and they can show you the power of MODLX

- For more information, email wayne@jawdigital.co.uk or telephone 0161 941 3469.

n If you have a business success story in Trafford borough or alternatively are a new firm setting up in the area then you should email us with some information and photographs to robert.kelly@nqnw.co.uk