THE widower of the late Councillor Jane Baugh has published the latest volume about their lives together.

It covers the years between 1967 and 1989.

A shadow fell over them from 1967-1970 when, sadly, they failed to conceive a child.

So, they sought the help of the well-known surgeon, Dr Patrick Steptoe.

Peter said: “We were so happy when the procedure worked. It changed our lives.”

The miracle happened in 1972 when Jane gave birth to their eldest son, Jonathan.

They later went on to have two more healthy sons.

When the boys were young the couple joined the Altrincham and Timperley Babysitting Syndicate in order to have nights out together.

They remained friends until Jane’s death and Peter still keeps in touch.

“I gave some of them copies of my first volume,” he said.

In 1975 when their eldest two children were aged three and one, they moved to a large house in Moss Lane where they stayed for 37 years. The children loved climbing the two large beech trees there. “They were happy days,” said Peter.

In the late eighties, Jane returned to the profession she loved, physiotherapy.

Peter said: “She was so happy, I couldn’t hold her back.” The couple were equally happy to have sent their children to Knutsford Community High School. “We liked it because it catered for all abilities being a community and comprehensive school,” he said.

The years ended in disappointment when Jane lost her first attempt to stand for Council in Broadheath ward.

“Jane was utterly disappointed but determined to succeed,” he said, adding that the highlights of these years was having children and moving to Moss Lane which according to Peter said was “a moment of madness because it needed so much work.

* The volume is available for 23 Priory Road, Sale from August 21 priced £6.