RECENT coronavirus restrictions won’t dampen the spirits and smiles today when a Flixton couple celebrate their diamond anniversary today.

Eric and Jean Mullender will be toasting the special occasion at their family home on Rosalyn Avenue in Flixton - which they have lived in for 60 years.

Jean, who was a confectioner, has revealed some hints and tips about the secrets of successful marriage.

She said: “Everybody has their little ups and downs and I agree on a few things and he agrees with a few others.

“Also when you get older if you have a little tiff then you just say - ‘Do you want a brew?’ then it is all sorted out.

“You get too old to argue about things.”

She added his role as a Manchester City scout, a coach and also a footballer until he was 36 or 37 also played a role in their happiness.

She said: “I would hardly see him at the weekend so when he returned we had lots to talk about and catch up. He also had a good sense of humour which helped.”

The couple, who are in their 80s have fond memories of meeting at the Ritz in Manchester.

She said: “I think he asked me for a dance and then I met him on the Sunday at Deansgate to go to the cinema on to watch ‘Anastasia’.

"He lived in one side of Manchester and I lived on the other and then three years later we got married at St Lukes Church in Salford. It was such a nice day.”

Eric (also known as John Eric) was a teacher in Bolton at Little Lever School.

The couple say they are still going to toast their special occasion.

Jean said: “We would have gone out normally with the family but a lot of our friends have gone. I know my daughter and she will want to celebrate.

“We have a large garden so we will be at the top and they will be at the bottom.

Daughter Nicola Scappaticci said: “I think life is tough but they have stuck through things and every morning they give each other a kiss and hold hands out in public.”