AFTER nine years with Myersons, the solicitors in Altrincham, for eight of which she has been a partner responsible for wills, trusts and probate, Amanda Freeman is retiring later this month.

Amanda, 60, from Hale, will step down when she leaves on August 31, said: “I chose to be a solicitor when I was about 14 and attending Stand Grammar School.

Her dream came true when she got a law degree at Sheffield University and then was articled at Elliott and Co in Manchester.

She stayed with them for two more years before working for various solicitors including Addleshaw.

“The most difficult thing in my job is bringing in new work. Sometimes you don’t have enough work or you could end up with too much work. I enjoy the work itself,” she said.

“Sometimes people come to us wanting to exclude one of their children from their will. So we have to make it so firm nobody can change it.

“Others want to leave more to a son or daughter who is not so well off. This is not fair to the others. The injustice remains with their grown up children for the rest of their lives.”

During lockdown, Amanda and her colleagues worked from home. They now visit the office for two or three days per week.

“An interesting thing resulting from this, is that everybody now dresses casually for work.”

Amanda is concerned that her husband, Steven Falk, who has also retired from his job in football marketing, might be concerned about something Amanda might do.

“He thinks I might nag him for having windows and doors open,” she said.

On the positive side, the couple are learning Spanish since their son, Simon, aged 28 is marrying a Spaniard

They and his brother, Adam, aged 30, plan to go to the wedding in Spain in October. The pair are also learning Yoga.

“I am retiring mostly because I would like to do the things I would like to do,” said Amanda.