FUNDRAISER for Prostate Cancer UK and awareness speaker Tony Collier, also Provost of Altrincham, was in the fast lane with President of Altrincham Rotary Ken Garrity with the £100 donation shown on his vest from Altrincham Rotary.

Tony was diagnosed with terminal prostate cancer in 2017 after having a check up for a groin strain whilst preparing for an ultra marathon in South Africa.

He saw a sports doctor and found that the cancer had probably been with him for 10years. He urges all men over 50 to get a check up, PSA blood test ,with their doctor for this disease.

Tony does many talks each year to raise awareness Every year some 47000 men are diagnosed and 9000 of whom like him become terminally ill because there are no symptoms , it is a slow burner for some.

His goal in 2019 was to run 970 miles, one mile for every man who dies in the UK every single month of the year. He achieved that goal on 21st December 2019 with 10 days to spare and raised over £20,000 for prostate cancer UK.

Tony still active and fund raising and still running . His goal right now is to keep running as long as the illness lets him but his immediate goal is to try to run every day for at least 100 days.

He started off trying to run at least 5k every day in May and actually ran 113 miles in the month. He has continued that streak and today is day 91 although in June & July he alternated 10k or longer runs with short runs around the block.

When he is forced to stop running he qualified as a running coach recently and will focus on coaching and improving others.

Tony’s fundraising page is still open at