A FLY-tipping crackdown has been carried out by a church community in Old Trafford.

Volunteers from the World Mission Society Church of God had become fed up over the state of two patches of derelict land on Wright Street.

Mattresses, chairs, bags full of rubbish, dirt, stones, food, and even nappies and overgrowing trees had completely blocked the footpath.

Church helpers and council staff teamed up for the clean-up, with social distancing observed and passers-by praised them. Volunteers have pledged to renew their efforts if the problem reoccurs.

A church spokesman said: "The volunteers worked for hours, giving up their own time and energy to help the community.

"Pulling up their sleeves they picked up and bagged rubbish, removed large items, and cut back overgrowing vegetation to reclaim the street for residents and occupants.

"Passers-by expressed their support and encouraged the volunteers and the result was totally different, a brand new street.

"The volunteers felt so good after the job was finished and so did the residents.

"Our councils is working hard to solve many problems in our communities, but it is not just their job. We are one community.

"Studies show that crime and fly-tipping rates decrease when areas are cleaned up, so we should all work together to make our community better."