RECORD growth has been seen by an Altrincham-based educational outfit - despite a tough 2020 for businesses.

Yipiyap offers peer tutors to school so high-achieving school leavers can reach their potential through the academic year.

Bosses say tutor applications with the company have doubled over the last few months as more young people are seeking an alternative gap year and the government has offered schools funding for tutoring.

Founder Anne Morris said: “Since January, we’ve had almost 300 applications from students who would like the opportunity to work in primary and secondary schools.

“While some of these are undoubtedly due to people deferring their first year at university, the bulk of the applications came in the first quarter, before Covid-19 hit - demonstrating the popularity of our approach.

"People leaving sixth form are increasingly recognising the value of professional work experience - and joining a school environment increases an individual’s skill-set hugely, regardless of whether they want to be teachers in the long run.”

Over the last eight years, Yipiyap has placed hundreds of tutors in primary and secondary schools for full year placements, resulting in more than 750,000 younger learners benefitting from individual attention and additional support.

The firm believes that by providing additional support to teaching staff, the peer tutors are given an opportunity to develop their professionalism, leadership and interpersonal skills, making them attractive to future employers.

Former Yipiyap tutor Lillie McGuckian, 22, said: "When I started as an English tutor with Yipiyap I didn’t really know what to expect, but I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I have made.”

Anne added: “We have to guarantee the calibre of our tutors so the recruitment process is competitive.

"But with new government funding allowing more schools the option of supplementary tutors to fill learning gaps left by Covid-19, we are welcoming the additional interest as we manage extra demand.

"We can’t wait to introduce our new tutors to the schools and multi academy trusts we work with - and with enquiries now coming in from across the globe, we will be looking to expand our franchise offering to harness all the interest.”

Former maths teacher Anne established Yipiyap in 2012 and has seen her most recent work supported by the aims of the National Tutoring Programme.

This government-funded scheme is designed to support schools in addressing the fallout from enforced closures because of coronavirus.

As part of their 2020-21 programme, tutition will be made available across state-run primary and secondary schools to assist those who may have missed out as the result of the shutdown.