COUNCIL bosses have undertaken fresh work to address street begging in Sale.

Several complaints about aggressive begging have prompted interventions by the borough's community safety team.

Police, housing and rough sleeping experts were also drafted in for the day-long exercise. Extra help was offered to those in need, including suitable accommodation and food and travel vouchers.

Cllr Mike Freeman, community safety executive member, said officers acknowledged the challenges currently being posed for those on the streets.

However there were a number portraying themselves as homeless when this was not the case, according to council staff.

Warnings were given to these individuals and CCTV checks are also being conducted on those who arrive in town for the express purpose of begging.

Cllr Freeman added: "We fully understand that residents giving money to people begging do so with the best of intentions, particularly during the pandemic.

"But unfortunately there are unscrupulous individuals who are taking advantage of their generosity.

"We would urge members of the public to give responsibly via appropriate charities rather than directly to people begging, to ensure that their donations reach those genuinely most in need.”